We invite you to take some time to read our mission and values and to pray for our ministry.  This articulation of who we are and who we hope to be, by the grace of God, is offered by the Bethany House of Prayer Board of Directors.

Our Mission
We offer a ministry of prayer and hospitality to all who seek to deepen their relationship with God — both seasoned pilgrims and those new to the spiritual journey.  Rooted in the Christian tradition, Bethany House of Prayer offers retreats, spiritual direction, refreshment days, and group facilitation, both onsite at the home of the Sisters of St. Anne-Bethany, as well as offsite.  We minister to both individuals and groups within the Episcopal Church and other denominations.

Our Values
Our values stem from our relationship and shared ministry with the Sisters of St. Anne-Bethany, a religious order of the Episcopal Church, who supported the founding of the Bethany House of Prayer and who continue to share our ongoing ministry.  While the participants in the Bethany House ministry do not live the monastic life, the Sisters’ model invites us into a commitment to live these values in our daily life:

~ Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, loving God above all else and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

~ Live in prayer, making a covenant to pray for one another and for the world.

~ Offer ministry collaboratively, appreciating shared leadership and the diversity of gifts offered in Christian community.

~ Create a spaciousness and respect for the holy, maintaining a place of beauty for prayer, worship and reflection, and recreating this beauty in external settings.

~ Practice hospitality by inviting all people into Bethany House of Prayer, recognizing the integrity of our differences and our need for one another.

~ Provide companionship for contemplation, refreshment, spiritual renewal and creativity.

~ Support the vocation of individuals and communities, while also witnessing to the needs and concerns of the world and the environment.

~ Pay attention to the holy in the midst of our daily lives and communities, and help others nourish and deepen their relationship with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

~ Trust in the mystery and grace of God to sustain, challenge and inspire us daily.