Bethany Colleagues, Staff and Associates

Bethany House Colleagues, Associates, and Staff

Julia Slayton, Executive Director & Co-Founder
Pat Boyd, Co-Founder
Mary Meader, Co-Founder, In-take Coordinator for Spiritual Direction
The Rev. Tansy Chapman, Co-Founder
Dr. Mary Ann Christie Burnside
Bernadine Chan
Kimberly Cloutier-Green
Jackie Drapeau, Program & Hospitality Assistant
Suzanne Ehly
The Rev. Alden Flanders
The Rev. Miriam Gelfer
Kathleen Hirsch
Bristol Huffman
Christi Humphrey
The Rev. Mary Johnstone
Christina Leano
The Rev. Karen Montagno
The Rev. Susan Morrison
Helen Netos
The Rev. Eleanor Panasevich
The Rev. Susan Richmond
Lucy Roosevelt, Bookkeeper
The Rev. Cathy Venkatesh, Office Manager & Colleague

Bethany Friends and Associates who assist with our ministries
Mary Curlew
Julie Dalton
Silvia Gosnell
The Rev. Nancy Gossling
Ellen Oak
Cathy Okhuysen
Flora Pirquet, M.D.
The Rev. Dr. William Rich
Susie White